Irwin Wheels Oceania is an Australian owned local business bringing the best of global technology, value and innovation to cyclists and triathletes alike. We are racing cyclists who demand the best and understand clearly what works and what doesn't. We have had years of racing and riding experience which has taught us that quality, technology and reliability is key. Our wheels are hand built and tested by specialist wheel builders made to within 0.3mm lateral tolerance, 0.4mm radial tolerance and 0.5mm dishing tolerance.


Our rims use latest technology specialist "Ceramic Carbon Fibre Reinforced Braking Surface" to keep braking wall temperatures below 130 degrees C, to ensure maximum stopping power under maximum load when you really need it.

At Irwin we don't compromise. Complete with your wheels come 2 full sets of bespoke brake pads, (4 pads each) and quality front and rear wheel skewers, rim tapes and all packaged up securely for quick and convenient delivery and installation onto your pride and joy.

We understand that aesthetics are important too. Our wheels looks as good as the roll and are backed up by a 2 year conditional warranty.

Many people ask us why our wheels are so well priced compared to our competitors?. The answer is easy. We don't have large marketing spends to promote ourselves. We let our products stand up for themselves and our customers only pay for amazing quality, technology and performance rather than big marketing spends.

Your wheels will be packed, checked twice and despatched from our Australian warehouse directly to your door via our direct courier service. You can rest with the peace of mind that we attend to every detail with the delivery, as closely as we do with our wheels to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We deliver to all capital cities free of charge. If you live in the country then email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to double check the delivery process as sometimes our courier needs special arrangements to get to all corners of our magnificent country.



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