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The Look

At Irwin, our design process ensures your wheels look as good as they roll. Care is taken to ensure every detail and step in the manufacturing and building of your wheels is scrutinised by our experienced team. This uncompromising approach means the look and carbon weave finish of the wheels is unsurpassed. Even down to the quality of the decals and packaging, we have thought of everything to ensure your complete satisfaction.

The Technology

Our head designer Michael Chen has had decades of design and manufacturing experience backed up by a large and experienced team. The UCI certification of our 38 IC carbon clinchers is further evidence of the care and attention to detail we take. The in-house testing programme ensures quality is uncompromising. We back this with a 2 year conditional warranty.

The ceramic carbon fibre reinforced braking surface maximises high performance braking. Under high use and high friction the rim maintains lateral specification, which significantly reduces the thermal expansion on the braking surface compared to ordinary carbon fibre rims. It also offers a longevity to the rim that products of the past could not.

The engineered profile design offers a stiffer rim characteristic that increases the ride performance for climbing, high speed acceleration and reaction as well as premium track performance.

The reinforced clincher tyre bead section allows for higher tyre pressures however we recommend 120 psi for maximum performance.

Bespoke brake pads have unique braking and heat dissipation design that works in unison with reinforced ceramic fibre composites to reduce heat build-up and increase braking performance.

The Safety and Quality

We don't compromise on safety. We don't use marketing gimmicks, we use engineering. From the TG carbon lay up process ensuring the premium performance of the braking to the quality spokes and nipples we have chosen, every detail focuses on the safety and performance of our wheels so you can have complete trust and satisfaction in your wheels.

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